A People’s History of Heaven

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In Heaven, a ramshackle slum in Bangalore, India, five girls forge an unbreakable bond. Muslim., Christian, and Hindu; queer and straight; they love and accept one another unconditionally.

When the local government threatens to demolish Heaven to build a shopping mall, the girls and their mothers refuse to be erased. Together they wage war on the bulldozers sent to bury their homes, and, ultimately, on the city that wishes that they would remain hidden forever.

Elegant, poetic, and vibrant, A People’s History of Heaven dazzles in its depiction of these women’s determination not just to survive, but to triumph.

Dear Mrs. Naidu

Winner of the 2016 South Asia Book Award


Dear Mrs. Naidu

Twelve-year-old Sarojini’s best friend, Amir, might not be her best friend any more. Ever since Amir moved out of the slum and started going to a posh private school, it seems like he and Sarojini have nothing in common. Then Sarojini finds out about the Right to Education, a law that might help her get a free seat at Amir’s school – or, better yet, convince him to come back to a new and improved version of the government school they went to together. As she struggles to keep her best friend, Sarojini gets help from some unexpected characters, including Deepti, a feisty classmate who lives at a construction site; Vimala Madam, a human rights lawyer who might also be an evil genius; and Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, a long-dead freedom fighter who becomes Sarojini’s secret pen pal. Told through letters to Mrs. Naidu, this is the story of how Sarojini learns to fight – for her friendship, her family, and her future.

“The genius of Dear Mrs. Naidu lies in the clarity and conviction of its young protagonist’s voice, in its clever twists and turns of plot and motivation, and, above all, in its pitch-perfect depiction of a very particular, idiosyncratic community of people. I found it a delightful read.” - Uma Krishnaswami

“I for one would recommend this book to every child, parent and teacher; and even to those politicians tapping away on their phones refusing to look beyond their petty needs. It’s a book that is clear eyed and yet gives hope, optimistic but not naive.” - Sudeshna Shome Ghosh

Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide

In Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Mathangi Subramanian addresses questions about a major issue for young adults and their families. Drawing on stories from young teens around the country, this volume uncovers the social pressures and individual choices that lead to violence. The author surveys effective state, local, and national anti-bullying policies and provides examples of teens throughout the nation whose leadership and courage have helped stop violence. Featuring a diverse collection of teen voices, this book is designed to help teens take immediate action both individually and collectively. The advice and exercises will not only help teens think critically about bullying but will also empower them to change both themselves and the circumstances that foster abuse in their schools and communities.